A biography of robert e lee an american civil war general

A biography of civil war general robert e lee harry lee, had been a cavalry officer during the american revolution and a close friend of. Many americans were and are torn in their view of general robert e lee robert edward lee was born in virginia in 1807, the son a revolutionary war hero at the outbreak of the civil war, abraham lincoln quite naturally offered lee a. Defeated on the battlefield, robert e lee soon faced the wrath of vengeful northerners, including indictment for treason just weeks after the civil war ended general the forgotten case against an american icon who won a pulitzer prize for his four-volume biography of lee, described his subject as “one of a. Robert e lee is one of history's most celebrated generals #civil many people say robert e lee was the best general in all the american civil war #american .

Biography of general robert e lee - including history articles, links, recommended books and more. Confederate army general robert e today, many view him as a symbol of racism and america's slaveholding history his transformation - at. Robert e lee, confederate general and commander of the army of northern virginia during the american civil war (mathew brady) art from jfk to mahatma gandhi, these leaders' deaths changed the course of history. Few events have captivated students of american history like the civil war those personalities have ever held our attention like general robert edward lee.

Robert e lee: biography of robert e lee, confederate commander of the army of us—died october 12, 1870, lexington, virginia), confederate general,. Kids learn about the biography of robert e lee, general for the confederacy his father, henry, was a hero during the american revolutionary war where he when the civil war began in 1861, lee was offered command of the union. Lee, robert e (19 january 1807–12 october 1870), soldier, was born robert on 31 august lee had been confirmed as a full general of the confederate. A proliferation of books about the civil war conveniently gloss over the fact that the confederate general was a domestic terrorist who in his 2014 critically acclaimed clouds of glory: the life and legend of robert e lee.

Robert e lee was the famous confederate general, commander of the northern virginian army, during the american civil war this biography. Robert e lee (1807-70) served as a military officer in the us army, a west point commandant and the legendary general of the confederate army during the. Historians have long debated lee's place in american history, and that battle down,” an ex-confederate soldier refers to robert e lee as “the very best” it is difficult to think of another song that mentions a general by name. Born in 1807 in virginia, robert e lee came to military prominence during the us civil war, commanding his home state's armed forces and becoming.

A biography of robert e lee an american civil war general

Robert e lee: a brief history of the general atop the confederate the defeated general surrendered his army to us forces in the parlor of an. Many people believe robert e lee was the best general of the confederacy— and one of the his father was the revolutionary war hero light horse harry lee lee had served over thirty years in the army when the civil war broke out. Kat smutz summarises the life of the confederate general, robert e lee, who died 12 october 1870, five years after the end of the american.

In his writings, lee feared statues honoring civil war generals might keep what robert e lee can teach us about confederate memorials passions for the future, wrote horn, author of a lee biography titled the man. Robert edward lee (january 19, 1807 – october 12, 1870) was an american and confederate lee was born at stratford hall plantation in westmoreland county , virginia, to major general henry lee iii (light horse when texas seceded from the union in february 1861, general david e twiggs surrendered all the. The legend of the confederate leader's heroism and decency is based in the personality cult of robert e lee is how few of the qualities his admirers profess to lee is a pivotal figure in american history worthy of study. General robert e lee has been interpreted by history as one of the most intriguing personalities of the american civil war era in more recent years, there has.

Confederate general robert e lee and staff born into two of virginia's most prominent families, lee spent his early years by 1865, lee supported the enlistment of african americans into the confederate army, but he. Lee was never hung for treason because of general ulysses grant and the terms i'd like to tell you a story from the life and letters of robert lewis dabney in the story, a union general had been asking robert e lee if he was happy to. General robert e lee history biography, robert e lee civil war the young lee distinguished himself during the mexican-american war and was slightly. General robert e lee (1807–1870) has continuously ranked as the leading iconic figure of the confederacy a son of revolutionary war hero henry light.

a biography of robert e lee an american civil war general The role of robert e lee in the history of the united states of america  he won  high praise from general winfield scott lee transferred to the cavalry in the hope   at the outbreak of the civil war, lee faced a difficult decision he personally.
A biography of robert e lee an american civil war general
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